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Benefits of Suite Hygiene

  • The ultimate in-office checklist and procedures system for dental hygiene
  • Patient interaction and feedback
  • Consistency in treatment
  • Effectively communicates procedures to patients
  • Record and history for your office

Benefits of Suite Procedures

  • Integrate Suite Procedures to streamline procedural process with an effective, affordable and customizable system.
  • Quickly and easily get many organization and management issues under control so you can focus your attention on other areas.
  • Turn clients over faster, more effectively and with greater improvement to their bottom line.

Dental consultants have a tremendous task ahead of them. Analyzing, designing and implementing a structural plan that cuts cost, maximizes proficiency and increases profit is a laborious process. Suite Hygiene insures patients understand the procedures being performed and that dental offices communicate a consistent message to all of their patients. And our Suite Procedures is a procedural, organizational system designed and tested by dentists working in the industry. It's clearly defined, quickly implemented, and affordable yielding remarkable return on investment. Suite Tooth’s products and tools quickly and effectively organize procedural practice, allowing you to focus on other details.

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Earn monthly recurring commissions for selling our products and services. It's a great way to enhance your clients' practices, add value and recurring income for your business.

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